Monday, August 25, 2008

OMLF ("our most loyal fan")

The following is an ode to none other than Ryan Petersen!

aka: Petey, Pete, Poop, Petey-Poop, Conehead, a name I will leave off my pg-13 blog...and a few others I can't think of right now.

He loves taking his shirt off :-)

Since the debut of the blog he has been quintessential in promoting the blog and texting me "blog it!!!" or "let's blog!" numerous times over the weekend. Therefore, I thought how appropriate that I do a post on our beloved entertaining friend.

I have known Ryan for years as we both went to SIU and he dated and married my friend, Jill. Chris has known Ryan longer since they are both from Rockford. Both Chris and I were in the Petersen's wedding in June 2007, sort of where we met :-)

Ryan is a great friend and is always good for a few dozen laughs to boot! He loves telling Chris and I that if we have children they will need to wear helmets, I have heard him say this about 30 times but funny!

Twins on the Way!

Chuck and Liz Knapp (Chris' friends from college and the guest of honor at the memorable bach party) are expecting twins in about six weeks!! A boy, Chase and a girl, Reese - VERY exciting and cannot wait to meet both of them!

I met Liz, late last year at the guys' annual Christmas party but I think I was three sheets to the wind and did not remember. But after re-meeting and spending time with her at the Bears game and the wedding she is one of my new favorite people!

I wasn't able to snag a pic of them together but below is Cortney and Liz (right) and Chris and Chuck at the Bears game last week.


Chad & Bridget's Rehearsal and Wedding

Friday evening was Chad and Bridget's Rehearsal and Dinner for their wedding taking place the following day. The wedding was held at the Bloomingdale Golf Club and the rehearsal dinner was at Almalfi's in Bloomingdale. It was a fun evening to help celebrate Chad and Bridget's festivities for the next day - the BIG day!

Above is a pic of Sam, Chad and Chris who have been roommates and co-home owners for the past three years. I'm really pissed we didn't get a pic with Bridget but she was a really busy soon-to-be bride buzzing around saying hi to everyone :-)

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Perfect day, there was worry of rain but it stayed away. Bridget looked flawless in her dress and a short ceremony which is always a great thing.


the reception was a blast from what we can all remember of it. I had a short meltdown when I thought I lost my camera (how will I blog?? LOL) and Chris scurried everywhere looking for it and it was in his pocket, typical. I think I drank 3 bottles of wine myself. Of course it was crazy on the dance floor and gotta love Cricket and Monkey taking their clothes off at your wedding. Like Chris says, "if you don't want complete chaos at your wedding then don't invite us." Those of you not familiar with this group are probably thinking to yourself "who are Cricket and Monkey?" Folks, they are actual people and the life of the party! Every wedding should have this duo at their event...hence the photo below pretty much sums it up!

Bears Game & Lena's Birthday!

Last Thursday a bunch of us met in the Soldier Field parking lot for a lil tailgating before the game! This was my first Bears game in about 20 years yet Chris goes a few times every year. There was WAY too much food but was a fun time to sit around, drink and of course....reminisce. These guys' favorite thing to do :-). I think for the fifth time, I heard a rendition of Chuck's Bachelor Party....and yet again I hear new scary details of that frightful evening everytime I hear that story.

My Dad asked me the next day who won the game, and I honestly said I didn't know??? LOL. But the 49er's won the game and we headed back to our tailgating meeting point and somehow Mikey and Ryan talked us into going to Bird's Nest with them??
The evening at the Bears game was also Lena's 28th birthday! Her sister brought cupcakes and she looked like she was having a good time by the time we were on the bus headed to the field.

Happy Birthday Lena!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby on the Way!

Chris' good friends Kurt & Julie just found out they are expecting a baby! Lord knows when it's due b/c Chris doesn't find out important information such as that. So I will have to update you when I have this ever so important date! :-)

Congrats to Kurt and Julie!


Well the time has come that Chad moved out of 1827 N. Mozart as him and Bridget are getting married this Saturday! Congrats to Chad & Bridget!

So that meant we needed to tackle painting Chad's room so I could start moving all of my stuff in. The walls as you can tell from the pictures were a dark baby blue color, not my favorite color.

As most of you know I love beige and taupe type colors. So after a couple trips to Home Depot we picked out the color we wanted and got to work Saturday evening after dinner. I'm not the handy type and figured the painting would only take a couple hours, no big deal. OMG we spent hours taping everything and putting two coats of primer on Sat night and hit the hay a lil bit after 1am!? We only had one accident for the evening....I slipped and fell on my drop cloth and landed right on my tailbone and got some paint on the floor but more on myself. Chris just stood there I think more in shock b/c it was a pretty good fall. Sunday morning we got right back at it putting an additional TWO coats of the actual paint color. Kill me. It sucked big time but now it is very pretty and not blue :-)

A nice big room and better yet a nice big closet!

Oh and did I mention we cleaned a few of the blinds in the house as well? Yea that was a great idea. My brilliant idea was to clean them in the whirlpool which turned into a messy nightmare and Chris came up with the idea to clean them outside! Lightbulb moment (for me).

Thank god that's all over with!