Friday, May 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Chris and I really put in some Church hours Easter weekend! The day before Easter on Saturday we attended Sam and Lena's confirmation service at a Catholic Church in Chicago. There we logged about two hours, my first confirmation and my second Catholic service. Congrats to Sam and Lena tho they put a lot of time, energy and care in their journey of joining in the same religion....if thats how you word that I don't know but all I could come up with, ha! Which is good since they are getting married this August and can raise their children with similar beliefs, etc, etc. Chris and I are a lil handicapped in this department and have some sorting to do :-) But we'll tend to another time

Then the next day on Easter Sunday we logged about another two hours b/c my mom had the brilliant idea that she would have the other Sunday school teachers take the day off and Joey, Jen, Chris and I would come and assist with the kids in her class. She has been teaching Sunday school at the church in Wheaton for years and LOVES it! These kids don't EVEN KNOW how good they have it! She spends more money and has more stuff in our house for crafts and projects for these kids, it's ridic. THREE closets in our house are FILLED with church-y type crafts and she continues to buy stuff. These kids barely know their own name let alone can appreciate all these crafts, but it's a never winning battle if there's a sale at Hobby Lobby (which when is there not at that place?) look out b/c she is going to clean house.

Here is my mom teaching them the story about Jesus and Easter, Chris was shocked that they all sat on the mat and actually listened and knew the answers to the questions she asked, LOL!
Here are a few pics from our time helping at Sunday school, this was Chris' opportunity to show my mom that he has some qualities of handling children, he passed. My dad was on his deathbed sick at home so he was absent but after SS we went to the regular service and off to Riva in Naperville for brunch.

Joey and Jen working diligently on the Sunday School projects for the day

Does Chris Know What He Has Gotten Himself Into?

It's Official: Cogski has a JOINT SAVINGS ACCOUNT, yes you heard right and yes Chris may be crazy.

I totally forgot to post about this back in March but before we went to the St Patty's Day party we stopped by Chase and opened a joint account. This was not my idea for the record but it was Chris' (just so everyone knows I'm not gunning to have joint accounts so we can "share" money, LOL). Although right now I don't know how much sharing would go on or more me "borrowing" and having a load of IOU's. And also for the record please know it's a SAVINGS account, NOT a checking account! :-)

I made the lady at the counter take our pic, she laughed but I'm sure thought we were stupid and dumb. The next time you see a pic like this the backdrop will be City Hall and that will be a marriage certificate in my hand, call 911 Chris just had a stroke when he read this, hahahahahaha.

Mini Chubbz and LOADS of Updates to Come!

OK A LOT has happened with Chris and Jenna in the past couple months, I am MORE than behind on blogging and really need to keep up with it. But it's somewhat time consuming recapping a moment or event and I HATE picking out the best pics and uploading them. But nobody likes a complainer so I'll just suck it up and do it! I'm already this knee deep in the blog may as well keep going. And the evolvement of Team Cogski from the start of the blog til now is worth the upkeep!

First recap is rewinding back in March when Chris and Sam went to visit their very good old college friend/Chicago roommate/groomsman for both of them - Chubbz. Also formerly known as Club Chubbz, now known as Daddy Chubbz. Him and his fiance, Elizabeth had a baby, Aiden and he is sooooooooo cute and has so much hair!!!! This pic was taken on a visit to see the baby earlier in March.

Congrats on the new addition to your family!