Monday, August 25, 2008

Chad & Bridget's Rehearsal and Wedding

Friday evening was Chad and Bridget's Rehearsal and Dinner for their wedding taking place the following day. The wedding was held at the Bloomingdale Golf Club and the rehearsal dinner was at Almalfi's in Bloomingdale. It was a fun evening to help celebrate Chad and Bridget's festivities for the next day - the BIG day!

Above is a pic of Sam, Chad and Chris who have been roommates and co-home owners for the past three years. I'm really pissed we didn't get a pic with Bridget but she was a really busy soon-to-be bride buzzing around saying hi to everyone :-)

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Perfect day, there was worry of rain but it stayed away. Bridget looked flawless in her dress and a short ceremony which is always a great thing.


the reception was a blast from what we can all remember of it. I had a short meltdown when I thought I lost my camera (how will I blog?? LOL) and Chris scurried everywhere looking for it and it was in his pocket, typical. I think I drank 3 bottles of wine myself. Of course it was crazy on the dance floor and gotta love Cricket and Monkey taking their clothes off at your wedding. Like Chris says, "if you don't want complete chaos at your wedding then don't invite us." Those of you not familiar with this group are probably thinking to yourself "who are Cricket and Monkey?" Folks, they are actual people and the life of the party! Every wedding should have this duo at their event...hence the photo below pretty much sums it up!


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Picture of Monkey and Cricket is a all time classic. 31 going on 18. What every bride wants to see, theirs guests ripping their shirts off.