Monday, August 25, 2008

Bears Game & Lena's Birthday!

Last Thursday a bunch of us met in the Soldier Field parking lot for a lil tailgating before the game! This was my first Bears game in about 20 years yet Chris goes a few times every year. There was WAY too much food but was a fun time to sit around, drink and of course....reminisce. These guys' favorite thing to do :-). I think for the fifth time, I heard a rendition of Chuck's Bachelor Party....and yet again I hear new scary details of that frightful evening everytime I hear that story.

My Dad asked me the next day who won the game, and I honestly said I didn't know??? LOL. But the 49er's won the game and we headed back to our tailgating meeting point and somehow Mikey and Ryan talked us into going to Bird's Nest with them??
The evening at the Bears game was also Lena's 28th birthday! Her sister brought cupcakes and she looked like she was having a good time by the time we were on the bus headed to the field.

Happy Birthday Lena!!!

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