Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well the time has come that Chad moved out of 1827 N. Mozart as him and Bridget are getting married this Saturday! Congrats to Chad & Bridget!

So that meant we needed to tackle painting Chad's room so I could start moving all of my stuff in. The walls as you can tell from the pictures were a dark baby blue color, not my favorite color.

As most of you know I love beige and taupe type colors. So after a couple trips to Home Depot we picked out the color we wanted and got to work Saturday evening after dinner. I'm not the handy type and figured the painting would only take a couple hours, no big deal. OMG we spent hours taping everything and putting two coats of primer on Sat night and hit the hay a lil bit after 1am!? We only had one accident for the evening....I slipped and fell on my drop cloth and landed right on my tailbone and got some paint on the floor but more on myself. Chris just stood there I think more in shock b/c it was a pretty good fall. Sunday morning we got right back at it putting an additional TWO coats of the actual paint color. Kill me. It sucked big time but now it is very pretty and not blue :-)

A nice big room and better yet a nice big closet!

Oh and did I mention we cleaned a few of the blinds in the house as well? Yea that was a great idea. My brilliant idea was to clean them in the whirlpool which turned into a messy nightmare and Chris came up with the idea to clean them outside! Lightbulb moment (for me).

Thank god that's all over with!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO VERY excited about the launch!! Welcome to the Land of Blog (as I like to call it). I'm so glad to have MY most loyal readers join me here... so that I may return the favor!
With love,

Meredith Hudgens said...


You are crazy. I have now added your blog to my favorites so that I can read all about you. WILD CHILD.


SMULSKI said...

Nice work Jenna. I feel so popular that I have a live blog about us posted on the web. Now all the adventures of Team Cogski can be documented!

Mandy Rose said...

Nina has me addicted to this blogging thing now too! Watch out...your life will soon start revolving around "hmm..wait..I could write a blog about that!" Looking forward to you guys coming down next weekend!