Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was a low key but great V-Day!!! Both of us had gone out the night before so we were hurting a bit the next day, I even skipped my FAV kickboxing class that's how much I was dying. But we were up and off to Nookies for some breakfast because I was on the verge of the shakes I was so hungry. Then we were on to what we do best: catching up on "24." A few weeks ago we started from the beginning with season 1 and just started season 3. It's not easy getting thru all these seasons, BIG time commitment (haha) but we're trudging along. Thanks to the Petersen's, who of course have the entire series on dvd so we can get all caught up! Jill and my parents are obsessed with 24 and I now see why it really sucks you in! Very soon Chris and I will send our resumes into the government and CIA because after we get caught up we will be more than qualifed to assist in stopping terrorists.

We took a nap and around 6pm finally got it together, went to the grocery store, made goolash which was SO good! Here's a pic of me being or "acting" domestic.
Then jumped in the car and headed to Hot Chocolate on Damen for dessert! Low and behold we open the door to Hot Choc and we are greeted by Amy & Andy! TOO funny!
So we sat with them, had our dessert and all were on our way back home. Another episode of 24 before bed, I'm not kidding I told you we are obsessed and addicted!!!!
Above a pic of me with my pretty flower bouquet someone special got for me :-) and sporting my new necklace that I LOVE. A silver necklace with a silver disc, on one side it says "I AM" and the other side says "IN LOVE" super cute - right? I looooove this necklace, great V-Day present!!!
Chris made out pretty good as first I just got him a pair of Lululemon pants, he has one pair and he loves them so I got him another pair. And one day I was at the Armani Exchange store and spotted (on sale of course) this creme mock neck zip up. If anyone knows I love mock/stand up necks and I love anything white or creme. So when I saw this zip up I had it at the register in 30 seconds flat. I was nervous Chris would think it's a tad metro or too "euro" which he did when he first opened it and I was sure it was going back to the store but once he tried it on he liked it too! Thank god, my fairy dust (as he likes to say I'm always dropping on his head while he sleeps) is still working!! I am training him well :-) Creme zip up and a new pair of lulu's = great V-Day present!
Hope everyone enjoyed their V-Day, kind of a silly holiday but still fun. As I told Chris yesterday I'm sure on February 14, 2014 I'll turn to him and say "wait is today valentine's day?" "Oh crap! It is!" but for now we'll play along :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SPORTS: SuperBowl Sunday + Bulls Game

Again, tad behind on the blogging! SuperBowl Sunday 2009 was held at our house, quite a turn out and I think I watched a total of 12 minutes of the game. I just CANNOT get into football. I want to, but I just can't. I have the same love/hate relationship with football that I have with reading. Want to but just can't get into it. Maybe some day for the football and reading we will have a relationship. If I have children who play football maybe I'll get into it then, but I have told Chris our children will be playing soccer and tennis, he says the girls can the boys will not be playing either of those sports, we'll see.

Love this picture because everyone looks alien-esque :-)
Here's a pic of the girls in the kitchen ignoring the game for a bit.....

Very serious pool going for the big game!

A few weeks following the Superbowl we went with Sam + Lena to the bulls game. We had great seats! Two rows behind the people who get the cushy fold-out chairs courtside. Basketball I can get into because the rules and concept are a no-brainer unlike football (to me). But my favorite part of the game is the "kiss cam" :-)

"Mini" Old Friend Reunion

I'm a tad behind on my blogging.....but weeks ago Tamie and I made plans with an old sorority/SIU friend, Gail. Tamie and I have remained close over the years I was in her wedding and she has told me time and time again she will be in mine, LOL! Don't worry you will be :-) both of us had not seen Gail in FOREVER but thanks to the modern technology of Facebook we were reconnected! Now back in the day Gail, Tamie, Jessica and I were like peas and carrots in good ol' 1997. We met in our pledge class and Tamie, Jessica and I lived in the Thompson Point dorms while the rest of the pledge class lived in the ghetto towers on the other side of campus. The four of us were ALWAYS TOGETHER. All three of them were older than me, Gail being the oldest. At the time she was 21 but I was 18 so back in the day that seemed to me like she was like 30! I mean for crying out loud she could drink without a fake id, I felt like I'd never turn 21. We laughed about this over dinner since we're all so much older now and realize a 21 year old is like a child in diapers to us now.

We met at J. Alexanders in Oak Brook and closed the place down! It was sooooo good to catch up and we made a vow to not let another seven or so years go by before we saw eachother again!
Gail, Tamie and Jenna in 2009

Jenna, Tamie and Gail in 1997/1998

and JessieK, Gail and Jenna in 1997/1998. Excuse the cut up photos and ragged edges I took these from my scrapbook and for the life of me could not find a pic of the four of us! I couldn't believe it so these had to do.