Monday, March 30, 2009

Dance Show + St Patty's Day

I'm doing a month of March recap b/c I am very behind on my blogging. I like blogging but I def don't love it or am really good at procrastinating w/ it! We'll start with St. Patty's Day weekend. On Friday Chris and I went to the ballet! Not a regular traditional nutcracker boring type of ballet, but this was a "jazz ballet." And I will admit when he first asked me to go, I was hesitant and was thinking I'd rather see what Jack was up to on 24. But since we didn't have anything else going on and we got the tix through his work so we knew they'd be good seats and better yet - free. IT WAS SO GOOD. A cross between "So You Think You Can Dance" (which I cannot wait for stupid Am Idol to be over when SYTYCD starts) and Cirque du Soleil. And to make the night better we had fish & chips at The Gage on Michigan Ave before the show. Perfect night!

The next day was the marathon St Patty's Day drinking fest with Chris and his side of friends at O'Donovan's. This is the same place we went to last year and is a great place b/c it's not super crowded and you're not fighting your way to the bar to get a drink. We were home by 11pm and stopped at our new favorite restaurant on Armitage, Cafe Laguardia on our way home. Here is Chris w/ everybody's favorite sisters, Liz & Allison

Chris w/ Mr. St Patrick CRICKET!

St Patty's Day 2009

St Patty's Day 2008

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