Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st Birthday!

This past Saturday was Donna's baby, Edie's first birthday! The party was at the boat house in Glen Ellyn and although the weather was not the greatest we had fun! It was a short and sweet party! But great food! Donna made all the salads herself! I thought the picture above captured Chris at his best when it comes to babies, he's not a big fan of babies because they "scare" him and he doesn't know what to do with them. Here is Payton, Liz and Billy's baby scared to death because she "knows" the guy holding her is not good with babies, haha! J/K, we had just ripped playdough from her hands because it was heading for the mouth :-)
All our friend parties these days are doubled in attendance because of all the new little people, hence the photo below! The moms, birthday baby and Elmo made an apprearance at the party!(Ann was excited to pretend she was a mom that day)
A few more party attendees!
Jill, Tiffany, Tamie (+ Frankie & Sydney) and Heather
Parents in training, YEA right! Well the Petersen's are but Team Cogski is NOT! :-)

This was towards the end of the party and birthday girl had changed clothes and was running around in her diaper, scandalous! So many kids and they're all getting so Big!

Happy Birthday Edie!

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SMULSKI said...

If there is such a thing as a baby training class I will have to take it before there is a little Smulsk running around. Sorry Im just not a natural like Petey. Hope I didn't scare Payton!