Monday, January 12, 2009

Another 32nd Birthday + Game Night!

Saturday was Ryan's birthday and his wife, Jill coordinated a group dinner + game night! My favorite combo! Ryan turned 32 this past weekend, 32 is quite the popular age this week :-)

We ate at my new favorite restaurant called Dorado. This place is to DIE for, and I barely even ate because of course like usual I ruined my dinner by having a late lunch. No surprise there so I only had a salad and some appetizers that were passed and a bite of Cortney's enchilada and I was sold that that is what I'm ordering next time I go there. Side note: Chris and I liked this place so much we're tossing around the idea of going next weekend!

The guac and duck nachos are dee-lish to order for appetizers! And to top all of this greatness off it's BYOB to boot! With eight couples at dinner we had quite a long table, ate great food, sang happy birthday and were on our way to the Petersen's for some games. They actually lived about a block away so we just walked there.
A few rounds of Scene It and we were bored with that game (and I think Jill has played it one too many times because she oddly knew quite a few of the answers) so on to good ol' standby Catchphrase.

Chris in a tense round of Catchphrase. The highlight of the night was him acting out as a seal when the word was dolphin. Flapping his arms and making the sound effects folks...quite a scene.
With such a large group this is really the only game to play, we played guys against girls....I think the guys won but don't quote me on that one. I love that game.

Another highlight of the night Cricket making his "faces" and
entertaining us with his other antics throughout the night :-)
We are going to try and have a tradition of doing game night once a month if we can it's such a nice alternative to doing the bar thing which is so old now especially in this weather.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

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SMULSKI said...

Game night is must monthly tradition from here on out. Good times. Good work on the restaurant Jill, Jenna and I will be back this weekend. I have been craving the duck nachos!