Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Sunday Combo: Sushi + Golf

Having a bit of reverse order, I'll be reporting on Sunday's activity before Saturdays. Oopsy.

Sunday Chris and I were bored and slightly recovering from our late night on Saturday celebrating Ryan's birthday. But we managed to muster up enough energy and trek out of the house instead of laying around being lazy blobs on Sunday afternoon. First we went ALLLLLL the way out to Bloomingdale, from the city, yep you heard right. For some reason it felt really far, I think because it's so depressing out and we were tired and absolutely starving. But there is the BEST lil sushi restaurant in a strip mall in Bloomingdale, yes in a strip mall yet again you heard right. When I first ate there with my dad I too had my snob hat on thinking omg i'm going to eat sushi in a strip mall this can't be good. But I'm here to tell you this place has the best sushi known to man! They have this one roll called the "olympic" and it is to die for!!!! My dad and I go here ALL the time and always order an olympic. They came out with this roll for the 2008 Olympics and actually placed the rolls in the shape of the Olympic rings and wrote "2008" on the plate with some sushi sauce.

When we arrived Chris had the same reaction I did about the "strip mall" curb appeal but once we left he was hooked. He wasn't dying over it as much as I do but really who does die over anything as much as I do.

Then we were off to another burb, Bensenville to White Pines golf club to make use of their indoor driving range dome. I have been to a driving range dome a few times in my day but this was Chris' first experience. He loves to golf and we both really enjoyed hitting a few balls and then it was time to leave and head back to Chicago.

Chris is thoroughly impressed with my golf form and that I can actually hit the ball! :-) This driver is a bit long for me as you can see but I could still whack it pretty good!

Here's a lil video of the golfer in action! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Love the video!!!! And, Jennah you do have good form! Had so much fun this weekend. Thanks for hosting me... and for everything from the trip to George's to the kick boxing class!! Miss you two already. xx, Nina

SMULSKI said...

Nina Im didn't compliment me on my full Lulu outfit Im wearing for our golfing get away! Jenna does have a great swing, better then some of my golfing buddies, not to mention any names (sam, and petey). And a special thanks to the Skip for discovering the Olympic. Very tasty, I recommend the tornado as well! Nina good times, you are always welcome. Miss Kate says thanks for babysitting her.

JBB said...

First off - um details of what the name of the sushi place is - unless you said and and I'm half asleep and missed it! lol.

Second - why drive all the way to the white pines golf place - if you were in bloomingdale you should've went to the indoor golf place in Itasca! It's right off of thorndale road time call me before you start taking mini road trips! lol.