Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Restaurant Connoisseur

Last weekend was a big "eat out" weekend for us. I love eating out but hate it at the same time because 1. you always eat way too much and leave miserable (or I always do) and 2. it's expensive. But as in an earlier post we had gone to this lil mexican (but nice mexican) place on Foster called Dorado. This place is sooooo friggin' good! So we went again the following wkend on Saturday! The best is the duck nachos, pic below. These nachos are sooooo good!!!!! And then I had the chicken enchilada's - again, sooooo good!!! The mole sauce is what makes it as well as the moist chicken. Everybody knows how I feel about moist chicken, can't beat it. Dry gross chicken is like nails on a chalkboard for me.
On Friday AND Sunday we ate at what is slowly becoming our weekly favorite sushi place, Butterfly. This place is ridic and so hard to get a reservation at, and there's even TWO locations and you still can't get a resv unless you call like days or a week in advance. Apparently it's everybody else's fav place as well. Therefore often we do carry out from here. Below is a pic of one of our two in-house sushi nights. Chris' parents gave us a whole sushi set for Christmas so we love breaking out the whole spread to be very sushi "official."
I hate to even say it, but this current weekend we just ordered (again) from Butterfly on Friday night. Pretty soon we will need to go to sushi overeaters anonymous or we should at least get a frequent diner discount!
But I do have to point out it's safe to say I do need to take a sushi break before I get sick of it forever. ps: did anybody read about Jeremy Piven's once a day sushi meal habit for the past 20 yrs and that's why he has mercury poisoning or mercury overdose or whatever?? That's whack!

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SMULSKI said...

Yea Dorado is awesome, its a must try.