Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Annual ISU Christmas Party at 50/50

So I feel that I have been to my fair share of "SIU" parties or gatherings over the years post-college. But since I met Chris I have been to some "ISU" (the other Harvard of the Midwest, LOL) parties as well. I think pretty much everyone they hang out with provided a few exceptions are from ISU, so I feel like an outsider sometimes but that's okay, ha! :-)

I love the SIU people I see on occasion here and there and the "gossip" and what everybody's up to! With Chris' "group" they have a Christmas party every year, I think this year was the fourth year and this is their occasion to check up on what everybody's up to since some come out of the woodwork at this hoopla. His lifelong roommate, Sam and his friend, Cricket started the Christmas party tradition and it's really a great party! This was my second one attended and again tons of people and a success!

This year it was at 50/Fifty on Division, and wouldn't you know it the owner is from ISU and friends with those guys. Before the party a bunch of us had dinner down the street at Boundary and then headed up to 50/Fifty. There were even a handful of the Rockford crew that came in for the party which was nice to see them!

Chris and I have NO pictures from the party together so all I had to add was a picture of Rebecca and I and a pic of Michelle Iasparro (Rockford friends' wife) and Chris.

And just like last year we hit up Arturo's on our way home for our infamous "low fat" burrito. If you're wondering what makes it low fat we hold the sour cream and cheese, makes us feel better about eating a whole burrito at 3am, hahahaha!

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SMULSKI said...

Another successful but foggy xmass party. Great seeing everybody. Nice work by Sam and Cricket organizing and Thanks to Greg & 50 / Fifty for helping us celebrate.