Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grandma Osa and Aunt Diane California Visit!

The next day after shopping and visiting with Chris' mom it was Sunday and I was en route to California with my Dad to visit my Grandma and Aunt Diane. This was sort of a random trip but just a visit since it is the holidays and my Grandma's birthday is on December 23rd. She turned 87! Crazy huh? But she's still really "with it" and pretty "hip!" She is of Danish decent, actually came on a boat from Denmark when she was very young so maybe it's the Scandinavian genes that keep her so youthful. Hope I have some of those genes! Oddly enough my other grandma is turning 87 in January so I should be good making it well enough through my 80's :-)

Joey and my Mom came about two days later, Justin wasn't able to make it since he is in Vail, CO working but was a nice trip to enjoy the warm weather, eat a lot and visit!

My Grandma until recently has been crazy on making jewelry, but she's taking a "break" from it right now. You would NEVER believe how many beads this woman has, and oddly my aunt has a TON as well and she doesn't bead but she just thinks they're pretty, LOL. So I was able to ransack her jewelry collection a bit, I usually do this when I visit, but it's so fun like going in a store and shopping for free! Thanks for all my jewelry Grandma!

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Andrea said...

Skipper looks just like his mom! How cute! Glad your blog is back. Gives me something to do at work! ;)