Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monthly Girls Dinner

So I was in college a tad longer than the average but looking back I'm soooooo glad I was because I became friends with the "younger" girls and really had a great time! What's the rush to get out? In the sorority there was always the "older girls" and the "younger girls."
Well I have stayed in touch with a good handful of the "younger" ones since I got to know them when I was just about leaving college. Today we go out to dinner about once a month since they all live in Chicago. It's usually Jennie, Dallas, Nicole, Sara, Emily and myself. But recently Ann (who stayed at SIU a semester extra and is an "older girl" so she knows all these youngin' as well) has joined the group and Meredith and McMillin as well as Carisa have joined us for food and drinks!
In December we met up at Cafe BabaReeba for a Christmas dinner! Dallas is the only one married in the group with kids and she brought her youngest, Addie front and center in the picture. She is super cute and really meshed in with the group for girls dinner. On the drive home Addie told her mom that she has nice friends who all wear very pretty makeup! So cute!
Here is a pic of our dinner a couple months back at Rise on Southport + Jen Barry was in town for that one!

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