Monday, November 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to Cogski!

Chris and I had discussed a couple months ago getting an LCD flat screen tv....and thought why don't "we get that for eachother for Christmas!" GREAT idea!!!!
So we left it on the back burner til a couple weeks ago. Chris is very big on researching and analyzing, pro/conning his purchases. This can be good and I'm glad he does it because I just go with whatever is best in front of me. Somewhat an impulse buyer somewhat not, always definately has to be on sale, I never buy full-price. Thank god for TJ and Nordstrom Rack - two of my faves! I love the "searching" aspect of both of those stores and scoring a good deal, really makes you feel good and have a sense of accomplishment. But back to the tv. He had done some research on his own via online and taking a trip to one of the Circuit City stores closing in Chicago. We also visited Costco and went to Circuit City another time and ultimately JPMorgan came thru for us giving us the best deal! His work allows discounts on various things at various times. Luckily this was a good time for us to get the tv thru JPM.
So last week we bought it, split the cost and said Merry Christmas!! It arrived on Friday and the HD cable man was here Saturday to get it all set up. I like the tv and think it's great but I'm fine with any tv. Chris has said once or twice a day how excited he is about the tv and how great it is to see all the detailing on his NFL friends. I love it so I can see my bff, Oprah a bit clearer :-)

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SMULSKI said...

TV is awesome. Nothing like Jenna being able to watch Opra in HD.