Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Fun Filled Rockford Visit!

Last Saturday Ritchie had summoned the guys to come out to Rockford with their significant others to go to dinner and then go to his house to watch the UFC fight! Luckily pretty much everyone was available so we all met up at Maria's, a small but delish Italian restaurant in Rockford (RF). The girls sat at one end and the guys at the other, probably was best this way as neither sides were likely talking about anything the other side was interested in. The food was great and with a table of 18 we were sat quickly and had a nice time!!

Next stop was to Ritchie's house where his wife Lindsey and some more friends were waiting for us to get there to continue the party! Poor Lindsey had just found out earlier in the week that with her preganancy she is on bedrest!? :-( So she had to skip the dinner but remained rested thru the party, poor Lindsey but at least she can use this time to catch up on her latest US Weekly's and what Oprah and the ladies on The View are talking about. I think any girl would be slightly jealous :-)

The guys watched the UFC fight, which I have NO interest in what-so-ever. Thank god Michelle brought games! We played catchphrase and continued on to trivia pursuit and battle of the sexes: guys vs the girls. I have no idea who won but if I had to guess I would say it was the girls.
Party dwindled around 1/2am and everyone was on their way home! Thanks Ritchie and Lindsey for allowing us all to come over and hang out! Loooooooove your house!!!!!!!!! If we were moving to Rockford we'd FOR SURE be next door neighbors!

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