Monday, November 24, 2008

Dinner with Bob and His New Lady Friend :-)

Saturday night we met up with Bob and his new pretty lady, Leah. They met through someone that Bob works with, they have been hanging out for a couple weeks and Team Cogski always loves going on double dates so we were super excited for our double dinner on Saturday!

Chris and I went up to Bluebird (I love that bar) had a few drinks til Bob and Leah met up with us there. Then we were on our way down the street to Duchamp (love this place too) for dinner. We had a late reservation and had to wait a bit as this place was packed and people were really not getting up from their seats. Finally sat and had a great dinner!!
Then we went back down the street to Northside to have a few more drinks and Chris and I left around 1.30-ish. We were exhausted and knew we had a long day ahead of us in the burbs at a friends Bears party so we said farewell to Bob and Leah and were on our way home!
But was so nice to meet Leah and looking forward to seeing her and Bob again at the Christmas party in a few weeks!

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