Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween FirepitFriday BOO!

Well last Friday on top of it being Halloween was also FirepitFriday at Cricket and Cortney's place. This was my second "firepit" at C&C's, always a good time!! We had plenty of food and drinks, grilled out, Chris made chili and of course Cricket and Monkey heckled trick-or-treaters as they passed. There was even a pumpkin carving contest to boot at firetpit this night! Granted there were only two pumpkins submitted in the judge-less contest. One of the pumpkins (Monkey's creation) I cannot even post on my blog because it was a vulgar decorated pumpkin and was later thrown in the air and smashed to pieces. The pumpkin above that I am stabbing with the knife was Cricket's creation and this poor guy was later burned in the fire. I guess too much alcohol consumed brings about resentment and anger towards pumpkins :-)
This was not a costume Halloween gathering although Cricket managed to dress up and play the role of Chad Neuhaus. Chad's wife, Bridget had originally planned on attending the firepit but then couldn't and I think Cricket was really looking forward to playing the role of "Chad" for her, LOL. Notice he is all decked out in his hunting gear. Two of Cricket's neighbors came by....the husband of Scottish background and so those two were quite entertaining to say the least.

We stayed til about 1am and then it was time to hit the road but it was a fun and as always an entertaining time and lucky for us the weather agreed.
Here below is a cute pic of the Sterrenberg sisters, Jill & Amy
Twinkies in their matching jackets :-)


Anonymous said...

Well, as everyone knows how excited I get to see "What are Chris & Jenna Up to?" pop up in my Google Reader... so needless to say this made my day. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award today ;-)

Hollie said...

looks like you all had a GREAT time! great pics!
just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

Ian said...

WTF? I need an update pronto. I NEED to know what Chris & Jenna are up to . . . RIGHT THIS SECOND.