Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They're Here!

Liz & Chuck with the Twins!
They finally arrived!!! Chuck and Liz' Twins, Chase & Reese!!! Between Angelina and Liz it was a great year for twins :-) But Knox and Vivienne have nothing on Chase and Reese! Chris and I along with Sam&Lena (I know it seems like we don't go anywhere without this duo, LOL) stopped at Chuck&Liz' on the way back from Sycamore to visit and meet the new babies. We hung out for a couple hours, we didn't know how long to stay going out there because Liz just had them the previous Monday so they were only 6 days old! But they had Jimmy John's waiting and Liz was really up and adam all smiles of course couldn't be happier! Chris and Sam got to hold the babies which is not really something they've done very much :-) It's nice that there are two babies so everyone can share the wealth of passing them both around to hold them. But they are both the cutest and I'm sure will be a mini Ken & Barbie walking around in a few years just look at their parents. It was a great visit and I can't wait to see them again! Congrats!!! Uncle Smulsk will very much look forward to hanging out with Chase as he gets older and teaching him all the great things Chris and Chuck have done over the years :-) If you know the track record of those two that is quite frightening. Juussst kidding Liz :-)


SMULSKI said...

Congrats Chuck and Liz! The twins are awesome. Please tell them that Uncle Smulski doesn't always smell like Jager Bomb ;) Don't worry Liz all stories will be PG until they go to college and Uncle Smulsk comes to visit!

Mandy Rose said...

awwww so adorable! Hurry up and get hitched so you and smulski can start busting out some of these lil babies!:)