Monday, November 24, 2008

Team Glomp is Gearing Up to Get Hitched! Congrats Sam & Lena!

Saturday night was a BIG night for Sam and Lena!!!! They...Got...Engaged!!!!

Chris and I knew the big question was coming and luckily I don't live with Lena and had not seen her this week at all because not that in a million years I would have ever spoiled such a secret but I just can't hold secrets in. Although Chris told me I could not tell a soul about the upcoming engagement or else he would kill me because whoever I told somehow magically it would have gotten back to Lena, this is true because it always happens to me :-) So I kept my mouth zipped and if you've seen her pics over email or on Facebook they are sooooo cute recapping the event!

The two of them had gone to Starved Rock two years ago when they first met and how fitting to get engaged there! Lena thought they were going there to celebrate her new job but little did she know....
"I'm Engaged!!"
Chris and I are so very happy for the new Team Glomp (they may hate that I'm putting team in front of their name but too bad) and are excited for their big day happening sometime in August or September 2009.

Chris and Sam the next day at a small engagement celebration gathering

Excuse the fact that Chris can barely keep his eyes open, after our dinner w/ Bob&Leah and drinking all day for the Bears game he's really struggling.

As most of you know Chris and Sam have been bff's and roommies for 11 years so I know Chris is a bit sad (but happy for Sam) to be "losing" his better half (good thing he has me, haha) and although Lena did not ask permission to take Sam from Chris that's ok, Chris is adjusting well :-)

Congrats Sam and Lena!!!!


SMULSKI said...

Congrats Sam and Lena! Very happy for you guys. Looking forward to the big day!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! I love anything wedding related! Jenna knows the best wedding consultant, btw. Great pictures too! Well, I think every one of you know how excited I get when Team Cogski posts on their blog so this morning was uber-exciting! xoxo