Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our #1 FAV: YoBerri

No weekend is complete for Cogski without one...two...sometimes THREE trips to YoBerri or Starfruit! I am fully obsessed with this frozen yogurt place and so is Chris, both of us just die over it. If you have never been or even heard of it, it is sometimes called "fro-yo yogurt" I think it's more like yogurt "couture" - all I know is, it is heaven sent. The concept is based off "Pinkberry" found in LA and throughout California. Thank goodness it made its way to Chicago. We don't have Pinkberry but we do have YoBerri, Starfruit and Berry Chill.
Our absolute favorite is YoBerri but it is somewhat of a hike for us living in the more west part of the city and their sole Chicago location is at Diversey and Halsted...but believe me we take the trek every chance we get. And if per chance we are slightly in the vacinity of YoBerri we make it a necessity to stop and get some!
We have slowly started to become accustomed to Starfruit located on Division but it tastes a tad different due to the Kefir base and is just not the same as YoBerri but it'll do when you're feelin' a craving coming and is much closer to where we live.

My signature favorite concoction is mango, raspberry and mochi! (pic below) SO GOOD! I want some right now that I'm typing about it. The fruit is SO fresh and is literally a burst of flavor in your mouth. I think they go to Mexico themselves to get this fruit it's so ripe, fresh and tasty. And the yogurt is too hard to explain unless you have some yourself, it's not vanilla flavor but more like a plain yogurt taste with a small hint of sour. Trust me it's awesome, I would never have taken the time to write a post about this unless I didn't think it was the greatest snack treat around! Enjoy!

* we would never have known about this yogurt concept had it not been for Sam and Lena telling us about it, so I feel I should give a lil shout to them for introducing us to the best frozen yogurt around - thanks! :-)


Anonymous said...

Lovin' all the post activity!

Mandy Rose said...

Your making my mouth water! You and Nin need to stop talking about this place so much. It just depresses us southern illinoisans who have NOTHING like Yo-Berri! I would die for one of these. Especially right now. Infact, I think I'm even going to leave work and go get a blizzard just because I need something to satisfy me after this pic.

SMULSKI said...

Blizzard is not even close. Sorry Mandy you have to make a trip to Chi-Town for the full effect.

Melissa said...

OMG I love your blog. You are TOO CUTE. I'm so glad you and Chris are so happy together! :)

Let's get a group of girls together and get up to Yoberry ... I've never been! I will DEFINITELY have to go now if you say it's better than Star Fruit which I LOVE! :)