Friday, October 3, 2008

Me - Kreativ? wow, what an honor! Thx Nina!

My friend and fellow blogger, Nina. You have read about her in previous posts well she tagged me with a "Kreativ Blogger" award. A lot of people out there are "professional bloggers," but I just haven't hit that point yet, I'm striving though :-) When you are tagged with this honorable award you are supposed to tag 6 other bloggers but I don't know that many bloggers so I'm going to be breaking the chain from this end - sorry....
Oh and the whole point of the award is to list 6 things that make you HAPPY, so here goes:
1. Working out. I have fallen off the wagon a bit since I left ebc and my routine lifestyle was thrown for a loop when Rokas went out of biz. I hardly spin anymore, which those who know me are shocked to say the least. BUT I am slowly getting back into it, my new thing is pilates, I LOVE IT.
2. YoBerri. Chris and I go to YoBerri alllllllll the time. It is similar to PinkBerry on the westcoast, or Berry Chill and Starfruit here in Chicago but Chris and I are here to tell you it is NOT the same. YoBerri is soooo much better. I could eat it everyday. A small with mango, kiwi and raspberry is my absolute favorite.
3. Eating. I, like Nina love a good meal and just love to eat in general, case in point why I have to workout or I'd be so obese.
4. Friends & Fam. As everyone knows I'm always in Wheaton w/ my parents. They're funny, yet get on your nerves type of people - but who's parents aren't after a couple hours :-). But I do enjoy being around them especially the Skip, he's always good for a few laughs. I love hanging out w/ my friends as well and Chris' friends. That is one thing I really love about him is his group of friends and their girlfriends.
5. Vacationing. Not weekend away trips that require you to go in a car and drive somewhere but more so the vacationing that requires a couple hours on a plane preferably where they serve alcoholic fun drinks. I think of a vacation as going to Vegas or somewhere with a beach and ocean, anything else to me is just "taking a trip."
6. Chris. Well I wouldn't be a good gf w/o listing my favorite buddy! LOL. He's just the best thing ever, I thought I'd be single for life b/c I never like anybody, am really picky and I really think all guys are crabby until I met Mr. Smulsk! Someday soon he will post a blog, if anything I'll make him do it.


Anonymous said...

OK... SO... THIS JUST TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR JUMPIN' ON... Even if you ended it. Love you, Jennah! Love to Smalls too! Can't wait to come visit my room at Casa Cogski! MISS U TERRIBLY! xoxo

Mandy Rose said...

Oh...#6 was so sweet! You two are just as mushy as Ian and Ann! Love you two together! I wish you would come back and visit :(!

Andrea said...

I was just going to say how sweet #6 is, but Mandy beat me to the punch! :) I'm glad my bff finally found love!!

Anonymous said...

Can you post again already! And, I'm really missing your comments over at my little blog-casa :-(


SMULSKI said...

Well I totally agree with you about Yoberry and of course #6 :) I can't take all the credit, your pretty awesome your self and we make a great team. I've never been happier or laughed as much as when Im around you. Yep your a keeper ;)