Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did I hear somebody say BINGO??


Friday night this past weekend we hung out with the Petersen's, Sam and Lena (aka "Slena") and Matt Whitmer, an ol' SIU peep met up with us as well.

We all headed up to Celtic Crown, no idea what street it was on? Ashland maybe? But I love this bar! You can play BINGO and win free drinks, we got din-din and had a few until about 1am. It was nice to just have some food, drink and hang out in a casual setting. I had my flip flops on so I as happy! Long gone are the days of a "crazy" going out night and your feet killing you in heels - thank god for that. Although Smalls and I managed to feel pretty hungover on Saturday!

Here's a pic from Friday night of the cutest couple in Chicago :-)


Anonymous said...

You ARE the CUTEST couple in CHICAGO! Gawd, I love Team Cogski!! Miss u guys! Keep the posts coming... love it!

SMULSKI said...

Celtic Crown is on Western little bit south of Montrose. Great place close to the Petersens. What a great concept for drink Bingo! To bad Im the worst bingo player ever and never one a game. Probably a good thing, I don't think I need a round of free cocktails ;)

Cogski said...

GAWD! i hate the way u spell things, ur post is a great example. u wrote "one" when u meant to write "won" - scary. like when u spell gawd as gaud and u spell my mom's name like Johann!? so funny, don't worry i still like even though u are the worst speller ever :-)))

SMULSKI said...

Im actually a graet speler but I just do this to bug you know :)