Monday, September 8, 2008

Dad Welcomes 60 With Open Arms!

Well September 2008 finally came and my Dad (aka Skip, I call him by his first name A LOT lately not sure why) turned the BIG 6-0 on Thursday, September 4th. We have been having this countdown to 60 for a few years now. 5 years til 60, 3 years til 60, 1 year til 60, 1 month til 60 all the way down til the day before making the announcement amongst ourselves. After all 60 is a big one, no offense but does sound a bit older than 59. When I think of 60 I think about retirement and grandchildren - neither of which are on the horizon for Skip anytime in the near future. But I told him not to worry as I'll feel the same way come April when I'll kiss the 20's good-bye and welcome the big 3-0. And a week after me, my mom will take the plunge to welcome 60! She probably wants to kill me for just broadcasting that on the internet.
The biggest question is
"what to do to commemorate 60 years on earth?"

No parties for Skipper and as most know his #1 love that we sometimes question may come before his own family is tech-y, gadget-y, latest and greatest computer, video games, websites - anything to do with TECH. Oh and how could I almost forget his favorite accessory is his iPhone. His heros are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. That's what he likes and interests him the most. And I don't blame him on the party part, same ol, same ol.....

So we decided to have a quiet and calm night at that new theater by O'Hare called Muvico. That night was like the tsunami so indoors was the place to be. And right up Skip's alley as a high-tech and fancy theater. This place has a full out restaurant inside that you can eat your meal while watching your flick if you choose to do so. Even has VIP seating that includes valet, free popcorn and "balcony" seating. I highly suggest your next movie date you see it at this theater, you won't be going to AMC or Kerasotes ever again.

Attending the quaint birthday celebration was my parents, Joey & Jen and Chris. Chris is slowly but surely breaking through the barriers into the Coghill circle of trust, baby steps. Justin wasn't able to attend since he's busy working in Vail, CO (we question the working part as it looks more like extreme sports fun to me). We ate dinner (thanks for dinner Aunt Diane!), opened gifts and took our cake and coffee into the movie to see "Traitor."

We thought the movie was gonna be so-so but it was a great movie and reiterates your hatred towards terrorists and those whacks over in those "other countries." Vote for McCain! Oops, maybe just went too politically and opinionated for the blog post :-)

But all in all was a good birthday celebration and I think my dad has accepted 60. Had a big hangup on the number as he still thinks he is the guy in the pic below :-)

I must ask who agrees that this picture above in a weird freakish way looks exactly like Joey (my brother)??? Scary....

Happy Birthday Dad!


SMULSKI said...

All I have to say is nice pants Skip! I know Jenna is loving them since they are white. Congrats on the big 60!

Scog said...

Thanks, Jenna for documenting our group nite out! It was a special day and I couldn't ask for a better group to spend it with.

You're the best daughter a Dad could have!

Anonymous said...

Some how I missed this post last week... I'm shocked! Happy Birthday, Mr. Coghill!!! The picture is totally freaking me out... are you sure Mrs. Coghill really gave birth to Joey?...After seeing this picture I think Mr Gadget (aka Skip) cloned himself and named him JOEY!! p.s. smulski, you crack me up with the "white pants" comment! Sounds like you had a great night...can't wait to check out the theater sounds right up my alley.