Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WTH (what the hell) Competition!

My Dad fwd'd me this discovery. ANOTHER Chris and Jenna blog!?
I looked at their blog for about 2.5 seconds but mine is def better! Just thought was ironic that there's another Chris and Jenna out there AND that they have a blog together?


Anonymous said...


Great choice on the new color...girl after my own heart!! xo

Anonymous said...

One more thing... As your OMLR and the sole reason you even have a blog... I would like to be moved UP on the list of "Our Favs" to say... maybe the T O P! :-))

SMULSKI said...

First of those people don't even have a team name. Our blog is waaaaaaay better. Keep up the good work :)

AmyDean said...

I'm one of Nina's "Southern IL" friends/co-worker, I think it's comical that your father is researching blogs! Was this by accident or was he surfing blogs.