Monday, September 8, 2008

Sam Turns 31 Years Young

Chris and I were busy celebrating birthdays last week. On top of my Dad's 60th we rewound about 30 years from that milestone to celebrate Sam's Birthday, Chris' best friend and roommate of 11 years (whoa that's a long time)

Sam was celebrating 31 years of life and his girlfriend, Lena organized a birthday dinner at Terragusto Cafe in Roscoe Village in Chicago with a few friends....OK more like 16 friends :-)

Chris and I had never been to this restaurant but being a former Roscoe Village resident myself I was excited to check it out and it was BYOB which is always a +! This restaurant has a set menu in place each night that involves various dishes. I seriously think we had eight different entrees passed at our table. On top of a set menu, it's also a different menu every night! What a great concept and the food is excellent, very gourmet and very reasonable. A wise choice for large group celebrating as it is small yet quaint and there's no problems when the bill comes because you can just split it evenly since you all ate the same thing, another +!

side note: Nina you have to check out this restaurant, it's right up your alley.

Helping Sam celebrate were a few of Lena's friends and her siblings. Along with Rooster, soon-to-be Mrs. Rooster, Todd, Bob and Monkey. Yes the same Monkey who likes to take his shirt off at weddings in the post below. This night he managed to keep his clothes on.

After we ate and drank a few we were on our way to Riverview, yet another ol' hangout of mine back in my Roscoe days. Riverview was actually my old neighbor, the damen girls did carryout salads and cheese fries one too many times from this fine establishment.

Chris and I with Lena in tow left the bar around 1.30am because well Chris had a few too many and Lena had to work at 8am. But Sam, Bob and Todd took on the rest of the early morning hours like champs and stayed out till bout 3am. But hey, that's what birthdays are for!

Happy Birthday Sam!
We're glad we were able to celebrate with you

"Another shot? Why not..."


SMULSKI said...

Happy bday Sammy! Good times and one to many cocktails as usual. Jenna great post, I love this blog thing it really helps me remember the weekends :)

Anonymous said...

I love the post too, Jennah!! And yes the restaurant does sound very "me"... let's def check it out on one of my next trips.

Mandy Rose said...

Looks like Chris had a fabulous time. Did he bring out his ghetto side? I wish you guys lived closer...we need some of you and Chris in our lives! We tend to be too low key! Sometimes it doesn't hurt to get a little crazy!

Anonymous said...

Can you post something NEW, already??? Can't wait for my visit to Casa Cogski on Tuesday! xo

Mandy Rose said...

Seriously...where are you Miss Jenna? I keep checking for updates...and nothing!