Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shamrock Shuffle 2009

Heather and Tamie at the Finish Line!
Shamrock Shuffle 2009 this year I had two friends run it for the first time ever! Heather and Tamie made it through the blizzard, snow, wet and slush to finish the 5K! And they came out alive and said "it wasn't that bad." Hmm still no motivation to make me want to do it though :-) I love working out but I HATE running! Above is a pic of Heather and Tamie when they finished! And below Tamie and her husband, Frank.

Those of us in tow for the food not the running part met up at Ann's place and waited for the word that the runners were done. We were supposed to be good friends and be cheering on the the sides at the finish line but due to the weather we were mediocre friends and waited for a phone call that they were done. Then on our way to Rockit for brunch and bloody Mary's. FYI Rockit has an awesome bloody mary bar and it's only $5! You could seriously feed yourself a full meal from the spread they have at the BM bar!
The Sizemore's!
Heather, Ann and Me!
(I have noticed all my pics lately I have like no make up on, Heather would say it's like in college where I had a stint of not wearing makeup, of course I don't remember this time but she reminds me frequently, LOL)
Chris & I


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.... You know how excited I get when your name is highlighted in my Reader. This morning was no different. Excited overload... Lots o' posts!! Great recaps as always, Jennah. Love and miss, your lovely houseguest.

Anonymous said...

Oops... that should read "Excitement overload."