Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiff! Sushi Style!

Happy Birthday Tiffany!
I got a lil out of order here in that the SS 2009 was before Tiff's bday but whatever. Saturday we headed to the burbs, Lombard to be exact at RA Sushi to meet up with Heather and the Sizemore's for Tiffany's bday which is actually on Monday, April 6th! Before we met up with them Chris and I had a drink at The Clubhouse by Oak Brook mall, we were feeling very burb-ish that day. I cannot wait to move to the burbs, over the yrs I love the burbs, then I love the city and back and forth. I am officially on burb love now and am looking fwd to leaving the city and it's very annoying and frustrating Saturday errand running days BEHIND! So long and farewell. But I still have a good yr or so before I will be singing my "bye bye Chicago" tune.

We're all sushi fanatics, Heather is new to the club and has really expanded her horizons since her recent first sushi experience. But.....we ordered a tad too much sushi (thx to Matt, haha) but it really didn't matter b/c somehow it was all devoured! We got a lil nervous when Matt ordered the plate you see in the picture below, at the time he didn't realize he was double ordering until this plate arrived along w/ the three other plates of sushi that you don't see.
And THEN he did it again with the dessert by accident!!!! It was SO friggin' funny! He is not allowed to order for our next dinner, j/k :-)
So we had TWO desserts! But have no fear we devoured that too!
Heather and her menChris & I

The Sizemore's
Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks very pretty and handsome! Wish I would have been there {tears}.

writing4612 said...

The dessert looks yummy, but I don't I could've eaten two orders, lol.