Monday, March 30, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!

I am really not at liberty to disclose too much regarding the annual Friday drinkathon March Madness that takes place every year since I was not there. But I do have some pictures! hehe
Chris, Sam, Kurt and Rooster met up for breakfast at Nookies and were off to meet the rest of the world at Messner's on Southport. They rented out the upper level. And probably the biggest mistake was taking up Messner's offer of an additional two hour drink package from 3-5pm for $15. That is where it went downhill.

Here is Chris helping Cricket keep tally of his shots on his hand.
I thought this picture was too funny not to post especially how smiley Sam is! LOL.
Chris, his long time high school friend - Maria and Petersen
You can tell this is in the beginning of the day :-)
Around 5pm I was tucking myself in my sheets on a peaceful Friday evening before the storm hit and Chris would be home. I was looking forward to the luxury of watching my shows from the week. As I pull the comforter up my cell phone rings and it's Chris asking me to head up to Messner's, have a beer with him and grab some dinner. Unfortunately I agreed, and when I met up everyone was pretty much a different person and many brain cells had been sacrificed. I strayed Chris away and we were off to Cafe Laguardia for dinner (yes again! We love this place and realize we ate here the weekend before!)

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