Friday, November 14, 2008

Nat's Last Night Out as a Single Lady!

Nat with one of her gifts!
The infamous "Mrs" Hoodie....I think I have bought this for
almost every friend who has gotten married.Last Saturday was a dear former sorority/SIU friend and former roommate's (aka Damen Girl) Bachelorette Party!! Natalie will be getting married on November 29th!!!

I have known Natalie for years as we met in the Sig Kap house and then I lived with her again in two different apartments with Ann in Chicago. She then made the move out to the burbs to Naperville where she teaches at one of the high schools.

Saturday we all met at Abby her maid of honor's apartment in Chicago for a few games, laughs, drinks, conversation, more laughs and then on our way to a "drinking show" called Bye-Bye-Liver in Chicago. It's right off of Chicago Ave and Halsted and I thought it was hilarious! It kind of has a Second City feel but more about drinking and interactive with the audience. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for something to do on a Saturday night. It's super reasonable and so are the drinks once you are there.

After the show we hung around, had a few more drinks and were on our way to a bar in Bucktown close to Abby's place. We ended up at Tavern! Had a few more drinks and after the wee hours of the early morning came were on our way home. Another bachelorette party for the books and now anticipating Nat's big day on November 29th - Can't wait!!!!

Nat with SIU Girls: Kelli, Me, Aimee, Nina, Nat,
Ann, Heather & Tamie

Congrats Natalie!

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Andrea said...

Wait...I thought we went to a place called OM. Not tavern. Did you keep the party going after I left?