Thursday, October 23, 2008

A "Wild" Night Out

Last Friday Chris and I met the good ol' Petersen's and the ever entertaining duo, Mikey & Kimi. I won't give Mikey and Kimi a "team" name as I don't think they'll like that :-)

Earlier in the week we decided we'd all meet for din-din at Wildfire downtown. This was only my third time at Wildfire but everyone always seems to get really excited anticipating a dinner at this fine establishment. Chris and I went a bit early to grab a drink at Martini Park which is directly next door. As we all know M-Park is the home of the infamous 12 mojito evening a lil over a year ago so we always like to stop in there and reminisce on that lovely evening that neither of us really remember.Martini Park

Next stop was Wildfire. After filling up on appetizers I was stuffed to the max by the time dinner was over but the scallops over spinach was delicious and this place really does have the BEST food.

After dinner we mosey'd over to Krater's dad's bar, I can't remember what it's called right now...something irish though. The boys played a lil golf on Golden Tee and Jill, Kimi and I chatted. Kimi was running in the Urbanathalon the next day so her and Mikey didn't stay out too late although later than I'd stay if I was in a race and had to get up at 5.30am! But she's a veteran runner/racer so it's no big thing for her. :-)

The highlight of the evening is always reminiscing on Chris and his friends stories and all the whack things they used to do back in the day. On this night we were treated to the story of when Mikey was dehydrated in Florida. You'd really have to be there to hear the story to get the full effect but it was SUPER funny although I'm sure scary at the time. I think he very well could have died from what happened to him. But here are some pics of him reinacting what it was like when he was dehydrated and all his muscles were cramping up like solid bricks and sucking all the water out of his body, tooooooo funny! Thanks for the great reinactment Mikey, as always...entertaining!

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Anonymous said...

Gawd how I love with Google Reader tells me that Team Cogski has a NEW POST!!! I get SOO excited! This was(as they always are)a great source of entertainment for a few mins!!