Friday, October 24, 2008

4th of 4th Tag! Thanks Being Butterfield!

My new blog friend, "Being Butterfield" has tagged me in a lil blog game called "Fourth of Fourth." I don't know Being Butterfield (or Amy) personally but she's very good friends with one of my other blog friends, Mandy (who I have met in real life and love) as well as Nina! She's a fan of Lifetime Fitness and actually just took a job there so knowing we have LTF in common as one of the greatest gyms around (besides East Bank of course :-) I'm sure her and I would hit it off! Let alone the fact that I feel like I know her and her family thru her blog! Ha! She ironically went to SIU but I never knew her but then again I never knew Mandy either.

Anyway back to the game, the jist is I pick the 4th picture in my 4th picture folder, write about it, and then tag 4 people.
4th Picture

This is a pic of Sam, Ryan and Joe at the annual trip up to Monkey's parents cabin. Chris and all of his friends go up to the cabin a couple hours away usually at the beginning and the end of each summer. They have been doing this for a few years now and it always draws about 15-20 of them up there! They drink, reminisce, play cards, drink, golf, eat, reminisce, make fun of eachother, gamble, reminisce, drink, eat, do man things and god only knows what else. But Monkey's mom is usually up there so there is at least one female presence known to keep things under control.

This year they even had golf shirts made with a LOGO, yes that's right people...a logo. Each shirt was also embroidered with each guys' nickname. My lovely bf's nickname is "Fatface," I know what you're all thinking...lucky lady! :-)

I unfortunately don't have four other bloggers to tag so I'm going to break the chain once again.

Thanks for the tag Amy!


Anonymous said...

Great post as always! Love it!

Mandy Rose said...

Loving the more frequent posts! Very proud of you! :) I am gonna try and conquer this 4th of 4th...seems fun! I had no idea Chris's nickname was "fatface". Man, he has some good ones huh?! Speedo man, something with a goat?, and fatface...poor guy! haha!

SMULSKI said...

Yea I was a little heavier before I met Jenna. I won biggest eater 4years straight up at the cabin, but after meeting Jenna I lost 20 lbs and the title of fat face, thank god! Its still pretty funny and I wear my shirt with pride.