Friday, May 15, 2009

Does Chris Know What He Has Gotten Himself Into?

It's Official: Cogski has a JOINT SAVINGS ACCOUNT, yes you heard right and yes Chris may be crazy.

I totally forgot to post about this back in March but before we went to the St Patty's Day party we stopped by Chase and opened a joint account. This was not my idea for the record but it was Chris' (just so everyone knows I'm not gunning to have joint accounts so we can "share" money, LOL). Although right now I don't know how much sharing would go on or more me "borrowing" and having a load of IOU's. And also for the record please know it's a SAVINGS account, NOT a checking account! :-)

I made the lady at the counter take our pic, she laughed but I'm sure thought we were stupid and dumb. The next time you see a pic like this the backdrop will be City Hall and that will be a marriage certificate in my hand, call 911 Chris just had a stroke when he read this, hahahahahaha.