Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buddy Barr & Nadia in Town!

Sometime in late November Barr (aka Lindsey Barr, we have just called her "Barr" for years) sent us an email that she would be in town for the holidays and able to hang out for one night, December 26th and wanted to get together. On top of that Nadia would be in town as well! We didn't want to go to a loud bar or even a dinner but to hang out at somebody's house and drink and chit-chat. Tiffany's home was the place to go!
Barr currently lives in Austin, Texas she is a former "Damen Girl" and lived with us previously here in Chicago until her company, Aldo shoes transferred her to the great state of Texas. Nadia ALSO a former Damen Girl (geez that apt was BIZ-zy!) who lived with us in Chicago moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dream! Both are college/sorority friends from SIU.

We all met at Tiffanys....well those that could attend, the rest of the girls were invited but with kids, holidays, bad weather that night it was hard for everybody to get there.

Great chats, couple rounds of catchphrase, going through old college photo albums and scrapbooks, re-telling some old stories that we have re-told 100 times over before you know it - it was 2:30am!?! We got there at 7:30/8pm! Time flies!

As you can see from the pic below we stayed on the homefront as I am in my standby Lulu's and zero makeup!
Barr, Tiffany, Me, Heather, Nadia & Ann

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