Friday, December 5, 2008

Introducing Mr & Mrs Billings! OMG!

Last Saturday was my very dear, great, HILARIOUS ol' roomie friends wedding! Natalie got married last Saturday in her hometown of Moline at a beautiful country club. It was actually an armory. We had to take a bus with passes to get on the property. I had never even heard of an armory but apparently it's a very serious military territory. Natalie and Jason met at SIU and have been dating for about 5 yrs I think and own a home in Aurora.

Chris and I left Chicago Saturday afternoon with Heather who so graciously drove us, I'm sure she had had her fill of us by the next day because we roomed with her as well - ha! On top of having her fill of Cogski she got a speeding ticket on the way to Moline AND on the way back we almost died when some whack lost control of his car on 88, I think I'm scarred for life driving on the expressway after that. And Chris wanted to kill both of us with all our stupid conversations :-)))

We met the Hoyner's and Ann&Ian at the very homey and cute Stoney Creek Inn where we got ready and had a few pre-wedding cocktails. Cogski + Heather left for the wedding after everyone else and Chris "claimed" he knew exactly how to get to the wedding (why I thought he did is beyond me since this was his first time in Moline), well....he didn't. We drove around for quite a bit and got our fill of the Moline scenery and MISSED the cermony, I could have killed him making me not see my friend get married but what can you do!
So we decided what anybody would do: go back to the hotel and have some pre-reception cocktails in our room and wait for our friends to get back before taking the bus to the country club.
I don't want to ramble on about the wedding but it was SUPER fun and our small group of SIU friends had a blast!! Natalie looked beautiful in her dress, LOOOOVED her lil fur shawl she wore in the beginning that her mother had made for her. Another small tid-bit to the wedding was that Jase from my favorite reality tv show in the whole world, Big Brother was the best man. We got a quick pic when his wife wasn't looking and that's all we needed to get our fix.

SIU/Sig Kap Girls with the Bride!
Aimee, Heather, Me, Nat, Tamie & Ann
Natalie and Jason should be returning home to the cold this weekend from their honeymoon in Turks & Caicos and I can't wait to see her pics of the wedding and honeymoon!
Chris and I in front of the fireplace Sunday morning at the Stoney Creek

Congrats Nat & Jason!


Anonymous said...

Wish I would have been there!!! Love when you have NEW posts in my Reader... well you and all of your readers already know that tho ;-) But I am S-A-D I wasn't at the wedding. Congrats, Nat & Jason!

Team Clancy said...

Jenna!!!! I got a speeding ticket in Moline and so did Sam, another of our teacher freinds!!!! WTF?!?!?!? It was like they knew of bunch of crazy Chi Town drivers would be in town and they put the patrol out to get us!!!!'s my 2nd one in a month!

SMULSKI said...

You two should have known better then to trust a 100% polock with directions especially after a few cocktails. Stupid Smuls. Sorry ladies I hope I made up for it with my Travolta like dance moves.