Monday, November 24, 2008

Day in the Burbs with Great Friends and the Bears!

Sunday afternoon we left Chicago with the Petersen's in tow to head to Bloomingdale to the Hoyner's home for some chili (a chili cook-off actually) and the Bears game!

I must note that our SIU friends group has grown with husbands, boyfriends and SEVEN children that attended the party, yes 7! And all three years of age and younger to boot!

Cogski and the Petersen's left our kids at home because apparently to get in at this party you needed a child, j/k. We love all of the kids and it allows those without kids to "practice" or like myself get your fill in one afternoon and that'll do me and be thankful for my freedom while I still have it, LOL! Just kidding Tamie, Liz and Donna!!!! :-)
Here is a pic of Ryan getting some "practice" with Edie, these two were attached all day
I didn't watch one second of the game actually and spent most of the time rotating holding a baby, shoveling food in my mouth, eating chili or talking.Love getting together with the girls, all of us have been friends since college, met in the sorority and are super lucky that most of us live in the Chicagoland area. There is Jessica and Meah that live in St Louis, Barr in Texas, Nina in So IL and Nadia in Los Angeles who miss dearly and have them there in spirit and maybe one day if we wish hard enough they will move closer. Also luckily our boyfriends (or I guess I'm the only one at the party who had a boyfriend) and husbands get along as well! Here is a pic of them escaping in the other room to watch the game.A few weeks ago Tamie had the brilliant idea of having a chili cook-off! Since Chris has really gotten in to making chili lately we were all over this. There were three pots of chili and a gold, siliver and bronze award were appointed to each crockpot. If you're wondering, Team Cogski WON!!!!! The prize was a glittery Christmas tree and I think we should have a chili cook-off/Bears game party every year and pass the tree trophy on to the winner each year - great idea!It was nice to hang at the Hoyner's, visit with the children and our friends and not watching the game at some bar! My, my how things have changed! :-)


SMULSKI said...

Good times. Thanks Hoyners, Jenna is really suburbanizing me :) I think I can make the move someday. The first place chili trouphy is proudly on display at Casa Cogski.

Andrea said...

It really was the best chili...ever!!

Erica said...

Hey Jenna, love your post! I have tagged you on my blog :)

Mandy Rose said...

See...this is exactly why you and Smulski need to start popping out kids!! Don't you want to fit in? haha!

Congrats on the chilli trophy! Way to go!!! Not sure what happen to BB. I think she has officially become overwhelmed with the working mommy life. Hopefully I'll have her back blogging in no time!