Monday, September 22, 2008

Haap Happy!

My best friend, Ann well her boyfriend, Ian co-founded a company called

Yes, it has a bad word in it, but it is bad ass and stands for:

"Holler At A Player When You See Him In The Streets"

Here is a pic of Ann and the entrepreneur himself. Aren't they a cute couple?

I am a HUGE fan of Ian's as I don't think I have liked any guy Ann has dated (I feel like her mother), but Ian is #1 and I pray the last one :-)

Here's a great quote from the Haap site:

"As an entity, Haapwyshits is not a company, but a lifestyle concept. We are more than a brand. We are more than a magazine. We aim to raise your standard of urban-influenced living. We strive to bring the streets to the people . . . and we mean your streets."

Ya hooked yet? Well to hear more and learn what they're all about go to or the link is always posted to the left under "our fav's."

Chris and I have our very own Haap shirts, every time I have worn mine it's always a conversation piece. You have to order yours TODAY!

"Like a mug"


Anonymous said...

L O V E this post!!! My Haap shirt will making its debut on my blog VERY soon. You guys look Aww-esome in your shirts. EVERYONE should own a Haap Shirt!!! Great work, Ian!

Andi G said...

Wow! I'm glad you are so approving of Ian and the Haap shirts! Love you!!

BPIZZY said...

Thanks for the post guys. Remember to check out to purchase shirts. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming fall line of shirts. Here is a little tease:

Ali Front
Ali Back

Anonymous said...

Your comment was SO funny! And, to tell you the absolute truth... You were originally on there and then I decided I thought you would hate it! Oops! Love you too, BFF!! xoxo